?? For Those Kids (and Adults) That Eat All.The.Snacks. ?

“… On Friday he ate through five oranges, but he was still hungry. On Saturday he ate through one piece of chocolate cake, One ice-cream cone, One pickle, One slice of Swiss cheese, One slice of salami, One lollipop, One piece of cherry pie, One sausage, One cupcake, and One slice of watermelon….”

-Eric Carlson, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. (Though I think he was talking about my child.)

Back to school time. 
It’s come too soon, or not fast enough, depending on who you ask. 

Regardless of the timing, these kids need to be fed brain foods to power through the day. And they sure are hungry. Be it during or after school snacks, the right foods can keep them going through bedtime. I like to aim for a balanced snack that contains carbs for quick energy plus fats and proteins to maintain steady blood sugar and keep the energy level maintained. Snacks should not be substantial enough that they substitute a meal, but rather contain a few bites to recharge and maybe also get some extra vegetables in as well.

Grab & Go

Some assembly required

Your child be more engaged, calmer, and happier while you save time in the kitchen. 

Pro tip: Want to save even more time while encouraging your child to eat healthfully? Ask your child to help you prep their snacks for the day!

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