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Why Gut Health is So Important for Children & Adults

Green Living with Tee Podcast, Episode 165, June 2023

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Postpartum Depression & Failure to Thrive

The Power of Our Body to Heal Podcast, Episode 2, June 2023

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Wellness for the Whole Family

Peeling the Onion. Episode #20, February 2023

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Prenatal & Postpartum Depression and How Nutrition Can Help

Wholly a Woman. Episode #115, June 2022

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Biochemistry and Body Stewardship

Medicinal Minutes, May 2022

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A Functional Medicine Approach to Restoring Mental Health

Sparking Wholeness Podcast, December 2021

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Eat Well to Feel Well

Natural Awakenings, November 2021

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Episode 45: Using Relationships to Leverage Your Business

NANP Podcast

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Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

Natural Awakenings, August 2021

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Functional Holistic Nutrition for the Breastfeeding Dyad

The Lactation OT Virtual Summit, 2021

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How Pushing Outside of My Comfort Zone Allowed Me to Build a Sustainable Practice

Hawthorn University All About Alumni Series, 2021

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Healcon 2021 Conference

Poster Session:

Supporting Postpartum Mental Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle
Interventions During the Prenatal Period

The Scary Reasons You Should Never Buy Premade Smoothies, 2021

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Are Pickles Healthy?

Eat This, Not That, 2020

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Nutritional Tips to Help with Anxiety, Depression, and Mood

Vibrant Life Podcast, 2020

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13 Home Remedies For The Symptoms You Might Be Experiencing Right Now

Eat This, Not That!, 2020

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Voyage Dallas

Hidden Gem, 2019

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Functional Nutrition, 2019

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