Help! I’m Not Sure What’s Wrong With Me!

Perhaps your doctor told you your symptoms are coming from your thyroid and is suggesting medication. You aren’t convinced, and don’t like the idea of taking a prescription for life.

You’ve spent countless hours researching your same symptoms online, and are feeling frustrated and thoroughly confused. Because the internet said it’s actually a gut issue or maybe insulin resistance or maybe even a very rare tumor.

Will curcumin and a good probiotic fix all that?

Or maybe you just have no idea what’s up with your body at all or what to do about it, but what you do know is that you just don’t feel good

Sitting with all this unknown can feel really sh!tty. Frustrating. Overwhelming.

Deep breaths. We can figure this out. Together.

Whether it be a hormonal issue, a gut issue, a combination of both, or something else altogether, let’s talk it through. 

I see things differently.

Through a functional lens, I see connections between different imbalances throughout the body and in response to the environment that produces your symptoms.

So when I am exploring hormonal imbalances, I am also looking to see how the gut and digestion may be contributing. 

This same concept goes for other areas of health (mental health, autoimmune diseases, eczema, headaches, you name it) – there’s typically not just one area in the body that needs to be addressed. By the time you are having symptoms and don’t feel well, there are usually a few things that need to be explored and supported simultaneously in order to restore balance. And with that comes feeling better. 

Curious to see if your symptoms are more connected than you think? Wondering if I can help you?