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Maximizing Milk Supply: Nutritional & Hormone Balancing for Nursing Moms

If  you’re struggling with producing enough milk for your baby, even though you’re doing exactly what the lactation consultant and pediatrician told you to do…Or are already supplementing with formula, and fear committing to the multiple hundreds of dollars (and more for organic or hypoallergenic) that 100% formula feeding would cost…And are feeling like a failure for not being able to produce enough all the milk your baby needs as he or she keeps getting bigger and is needing more and more… 

The Maximizing Milk Supply course is geared towards helping you assess your situation objectively so that you can figure out what types of nutritional or hormonal factors might be contributing to your insufficient supply, and then provides you with science-backed guidance to work towards correcting imbalances. Learn more & register here

Health & Wellness Foundations mini eCourse
5 module series + future bonuses

Learn about the principles of functional medicine as well as the foundations of health – digestion, sleep, stress management, and quality food. Great as preparation for your functional nutrition program, so you can begin working on your health right away! Learn more & register here.
>>Those that sign on as nutrition clients receive the price of the course as a credit towards their initial session!

Fearless Fermentation: Summer Edition
NY style pickles • spicy texan summer veggie medley • pineapple ginger kraut • curtido
Recipe packet and shopping list included.
Learn more & register here, with on-demand access for 6 months.

Winter Herbal Remedies
As cold and flu season approaches, be prepared with an herbal arsenal. Learn how to make elderberry syrup as well as master tonic/fire cider (requires 4-6 weeks of kitchen counter time). Learn more & register here, with on-demand access for 6 months.