A Thanksgiving Meal Your Body Will Thank You For

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gorge on all your fall favorites simultaneously – with gratitude, of course! From warm buttered biscuits, to sage-infused gravy drizzled over turkey, and sweet, delectable pumpkin pie, what is there not to love? While these foods sure are packed with endorphin-raising tastiness, they often don’t leave you feeling your best afterwards. This is especially true for individuals who have food sensitivities and blood sugar regulation issues. 

So, we’ve put together a “This for That” list of healthier swaps for your Thanksgiving feast that don’t sacrifice taste – or your health! 

Main Course:

Side Dish:

Incorporating a salad is an easy way to sneak in more vegetables!


Healthier dessert options such as: 

You can find these recipes and more on our Thanksgiving Pinterest Board

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