Skip the Refined Sugar – You’re Sweet Enough Already!

It’s that time of the year, when the days are shorter but our hearts and homes are full of warmth and cheer. While life typically seems to blur by, the holidays remind us to connect with the spirit of giving, creating cozy spaces and slowing down to enjoy the moment. 

For many individuals, enjoying the moment is connected to the warm smells of baked biscuits or the sweet taste of cookies straight from the oven. While these foods are very nostalgic and elicit a strong dopamine response, they also can create elevated levels of blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol, and cortisol, and decrease your body’s ability to fight infections and detoxify itself. 

To help support your holiday cheer and your body’s wellbeing, we have created a list of healthier traditional holiday recipes for you and your family to enjoy. 

Note: these are not sugar-free recipes, but do use lesser amounts of blood-sugar-spiking ingredients like refined sugars and white flours, and remove processed inflammatory oils. 
A healthy tip is to cut down on the recipe’s sugar altogether. Monk fruit and stevia are healthier sugar-free options as well.

Healthier Holiday Cookies

Healthier Cookie Toppings:

By choosing lesser-inflammatory foods, you will innately be creating and spreading more holiday cheer. We wish you a holiday season filled with peace and calm, followed by a wonderful new year!

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