Let’s Move Challenge

Physical activity is critical for maintaining good energy, promoting detoxification, balancing energy (read: burning excess calories), and it just feels good!

Movement and exercise are much more than just strenuous running or intense exertion at the gym. There’s an activity for everyone, regardless of your fitness level. You just have to find what feels good in your body, and work up to it, on a regular basis. No need to run a marathon, just be sure to keep it moving!

These activities are geared for those just beginning to get moving more, though they can be enjoyable for anyone, including with modifications as desired (perhaps run instead of walk, or deepen a yoga pose, or go for 30-45 minutes instead of 10). Feel free to participate in the recommended activity or do something of your own, for 10 minutes or more daily!

Please post your daily pictures of you being active on our FB or IG feeds, @FoodWithThoughtNutrition and tag with #LMChallenge

Day 1: Walking
An opportunity to get out of the house. Explore your local park or nature trails. Grab a walking buddy. Breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, bathe in the dappled light under the trees.

Day 2: Yoga
If you’ve never tried yoga, today is the perfect day to wake up with it! Roll out a mat or towel, get barefoot, and follow along with this online class or this class.

Day 3: Tai Chi
“Meditation in Motion” is one way to describe this series of gentle, thoughtful movements. Move along with a gentle intro to Tai Chi here.

Day 4: Chair Yoga
The only equipment you’ll need for this class is a regular dining chair! Visit the lesson here.

Day 5: Balancing Exercises
One of the many benefits of strengthening your balance is injury prevention! This is especially important as we get older. Plus, as an added benefit, balancing helps keep your brain sharp! Check out a routine here. Note: Get that chair back out.

Day 6: Housework or Gardening
Multi-task! Get your chores done and get some movement in too. Squats while weeding, lunges while mopping, even just running the vacuum, bending to pick up toys, shoveling mulch, reaching to put stuff away on a high shelf – these regular activities count to get you moving!

Day 7: Dance Party!
Grab the kids and turn up your favorite playlist! Dance it out! Bonus: add in a trampoline, if you dare.

Day 8: Free Weights at Home
With a simple pair of dumbbells, a great workout is possible!

How’d you do? Did you get something in every day? Did you find a new favorite? Tell us in the comments!