Functional Testing

Functional lab work provides more insight into what is going on in the body so that you can better achieve your wellness goals. I can help you more deeply explore your digestive function, food sensitivities, nutrient status, cortisol and sex hormone balance, and more.

I start with conventional labs that you have likely gotten from your licensed healthcare practitioner, and view these through a functional lens.

Then we may talk about more advanced testing. Here are some of the functional tests I am able to connect you with or look at with you:

Stool testing: GI Map, GI Effects

SIBO testing: Genova

Nutritional testing: Nutreval, OAT, SpectraCell

Cortisol and hormone testing: DUTCH, Genova

Food sensitivity: KBMO FIT, Vibrant America IgA/IgG food panels, Vibrant America Zoomers

Heavy Metals, Mercury: Quicksilver Scientific

Kits are completed in your own home and then shipped directly back to the lab. Please contact us for more information on functional testing and how it can be helpful to meeting your health goals.

Please note: As a nutrition provider, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions based on any functional or other lab work. This is the purview of your licensed medical professional only.

Stay with us!