6 Weeks to Wellness

Join us this fall for a unique group program that will quickly get you on your way to wellness! 

Coving topics like: 

  • creating new habits,
  • cleaning up the diet,
  • how to read nutritional labels on food,
  • cleaning out the pantry to meet your family’s health needs,
  • establishing solid sleep environments and routines,
  • toxin avoidance,
  • getting the whole family on board and involved, 
  • Talking Turkey to get ready for the challenges in maintaining new habits that may arise during Thanksgiving
  • and more!  

Plus! Add-on individualized health coaching support during this duration of the program! Not usually available, you will have the opportunity to purchase a KBMO food sensitivity test and receive additional support in implementing necessary changes.
(Note that this is not our typical functional medicine program; if you are interested in functional medicine and nutrition services, you will have the opportunity to register for this service separately.)