Scrub Your Liver Squeaky Clean! A 10 Day Guided Group Cleanse Program

After the sugar rush of Halloween, the heaviness of Thanksgiving dinner, and inevitable holiday parties through the New Year, your liver just might be ready for a deep scrubbing!

Starting the 2nd week of January, we will be guiding and supporting individuals through a 10 day metabolic cleanse. This is a wonderful way to start the new year feeling energized, uplifted and inspired to take your health journey to the next level. 

What This Program Is About

In this group cleanse opportunity, we will work on cleaning up the diet, then incorporate a special detoxifying shake to encourage cellular clearance of toxins and metals.

Your cleanse program package includes:

  • A live kickoff a few days prior to starting to make sure you are fully prepared!
  • Ongoing support via Facebook group of peers + 3 scheduled Facebook lives to provide coaching and encouragement during the cleanse week
  • A food/shopping list and lists of what to eat on which days throughout the cleanse, plus recipe packet
  • Daily emails with reminders about how to practice the cleanse for that day and bonus recipes
  • A bottle of cleanse-specific vitamins, a container of detoxifying shake blend in the flavor of your choice, and a shaker cup – the tools necessary for achieving the deep cleanse!
  • A final live webinar to help you maintain your gains, and considerations for next steps

For more information and to see if this program is right for you, please attend our free information session on December 8 at 5 pm CT. To obtain the Zoom link, please email heather @ foodwiththoughtnutrition . com (no spaces) or visit our Facebook page.

To learn more about pricing and register for this program, please visit the Registration Page. Space is limited to maintain an intimate, supportive group! Please do not register for this cleanse if you are pregnant, breastfeeding an infant, under age 18, have known kidney or liver issues, or score above a 50 on the Metabolic Detox Questionnaire (this means a different program would be more appropriate for you first).

How This Works

Our program begins with a live orientation meeting on Friday, January 7 at 5 pm CT. This call is not to be missed, though will be recorded and made available just in case! You will meet your new friends, learn what to expect, and receive tips and tricks to set you up for success when the cleanse portion officially kicks off on Monday, January 10.

The actual cleanse runs from January 10-19. Here’s the Active Cleanse Calendar:

  • January 10 – Day 1!!! Watch for a Facebook Live at Noon CT via our private Facebook group. This Live will help prepare for diet eliminations that will start tomorrow. Set yourself up for success by knowing what to expect ahead of time!
  • January 14 – Day 5! Join our Facebook Live at Noon CT for some encouragement, as day 5 starts to lead into the most intense part of the cleanse.
  • January 17 – Day 8! Just 2 days left! We will connect via Facebook Live at Noon CT for tips & tricks on wrapping this cleanse up. Your hard work is paying off!
  • January 19 – Finito! Well done. We will close out live on Zoom, assess progress as a group, and discuss next steps for how to maintain gains.

I understand that the Liver Scrub/Metabolic Cleanse Program is not intended to serve as a medical treatment. By participating, I agree I have checked with my licensed practitioner, and they are comfortable with me participating in this cleanse program at this time. I understand that results can vary, including having adverse effects such as a Herxheimer reaction. I agree to seek care from my licensed practitioner if/when necessary during this cleanse.